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"C" Suite Clinic

Discrete, CEO - to CEO refresher training. A peer level open and trusting improvement clinic

Ideal # of Attendees



Profile of Attendee(s)

C.E.O. / Managing Director or Senior Member of the Leadership Team. Customized to the specific needs of the Leader


Time Commitment

5 hours within 1 day ( preferably afternoon session ), with at least two hours dedicated to videotaping, mutually reviewing and agreeing on remedies and improvements

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Business case for training

Like even professional golfers, every leader can benefit from a discrete, 3rd party professional assessment of their public speaking and executive gravitas. To avoid slipping into the comfort zone of repetitive behavior, this training will take a clinic approach to review together in a highly confidential and professional environment. Subtle changes and improvements can make significant differences in front of both internal and external stakeholders.


Training Emphasis

1. Pitch Outline Structure and supporting arguments

2. Deep dive of anticipated "push-back" and issues

3. Prepare responses and convincing counters

4. The 8 key Voice Control techniques

5. Videotaping Pitch style, and joint solutions

6. Q&A preparation, and dealing with detractors

Ambience & Environment

Highly confidential session, with open, frank and no-nonsense discussion between respected leaders. The Founder’s experience validates his empathy with his client, and relates to all such circumstances that can arise. The Client will benefit from a non-judgemental but direct and open "peer-level" experience, that offers a safe and professional relaxed session to enhance the gravitas.


Suggested Training Location

Off-site Retreat style location recommended


Preparation before Training

Participant will bring their most recent Pitch, Speech or Business Review, in order that it can be used to apply the Training. Ideal would be a partially completed "real-world" live presentation

Format Optionality

The training can be conducted in a Boardroom or conference suite, but the off-site option is recommended for confidentiality and lack of distraction reasons.


Cost per Participant

HK$25,000 for the dedicated session

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