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Emerging Talent; Leadership Exposure 

Grooms young talent for executive exposure and leadership gravitas

Ideal # of Attendees



Profile of Attendee(s)

Typically Hi-Potentials / Emerging Talent from within various functional teams, who are being groomed for promotion. Candidates are typically those already tasked as team leaders, or own specific ad-hoc project implementation.


Time Commitment

A total of 9 hours training as a group (and then supplemented by 30 mins videotaping individually, and 30 mins per presentation group). this is spread out over 2 consecutive afternoons, to allow time for the teams to prepare and be filmed.


Business case for training

As the candidates are given increasing responsibility and ownership of results, this brings them to the attention of senior leadership. This training gives the candidates the self-confidence and professionalism to handle themselves with decorum, balanced reporting and early executive gravitas.


Training Emphasis

1. All 10 modules as part of training

2. Multiple workshop exercises & roleplaying

3. Mentoring to create a proper Outline

4. Individualized videotaping with feedback

5. Transitioning between Team members

6. Team presentation, Q&A tactics training

Ambience & Environment

The larger group will sense that they are selected to prepare for the next stage of their career. Hence, a sense of intimate, confidential and "inner-sanctum" training will be projected, to reflect the confidence placed in the participants. The group will be divided into 2 teams, so that both work on a hypothetical but realistic business case, in order to use "real-world" examples to prepare the participants.


Suggested Training Location

Off-site recommended, to provide a relaxed and privileged atmosphere for the participants


Preparation before Training

Work with the Human Resources and Business Leadership to generate two hypothetical but highly relevant business cases that will serve as the output of the training


Format Optionality

This training can be reduced to a complete 1 day, however to minimize content overload, and to allow the team to work together offline to complete the presentation, a 2 days option is strongly encouraged


Cost per Participant

HK$12,500 per participant

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