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Executive Trajectory

Ideal for mid-management functional leaders, preparing for Senior Leadership exposure

Ideal # of Attendees



Profile of Attendee(s)

Ideally relative Peers, to minimize politics of openness. Preferably adjacent functional peers, to enhance exposure and bonding


Time Commitment

Total 9 hours over 2 consecutive afternoons ( 8 hours group training, and 1 hour individualized videotaping and feedback session )/ Expectation of homework between sessions over two consecutive days


Ambience & Environment

Intimate, informal  & non-judgemental bonding in a safe and confidential  group setting to allow freedom of expression and experimenting with new techniques


Suggested Training Location

At Customer Office / Conference Room


Preparation before Training

Participant to bring short ( 4 to 6 page ) "real-world" pitch that will used as basis for improvement

Business case for training

Mid-management functional leaders, preparing for promotion. Training will prepare for Senior Leadership exposure. Also, Project Leaders preparing to pitch business initiatives requiring significant buy-in across the  organization


Training Emphasis

1. All 10 modules as part of training

2. Multiple workshop exercises & roleplaying

3. Mentoring to create a proper Outline

4. Individualized videotaping with feedback

5. Final trained presentation in front of peers


Format Optionality

This training can be condensed down into 1 full day, however spread over two consecutive afternoons highly recommended


Cost per Participant

HK $15,000 per participant, inclusive of all assessment and videotaping module

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