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Functional Leader to Executive Presence

Functional leaders recently promoted benefit from public speaking gravitas training

Ideal # of Attendees

1 or 2


Profile of Attendee(s)

The participant will be someone deeply knowledgeable and experienced in a business or functional area and has recently been identified and promoted for an executive role. With increasing international team responsibility, the participant needs to exude the ability to represent the company unambiguously.


Time Commitment

The training is done for a total of 8 hours, ideally spread out over two consecutive afternoons. Because of the small group ( up to two participants ), it allows significant flexibility and customization. A rehearsal presentation is filmed and analyzed, feedback given, an then the final version re-filmed and reviewed together.


Ambience & Environment

The participant(s) are encouraged to see this as a trusting, informal and high-energy discussion, to facilitate opening up and focusing in on the aspects that the participant feel needs most attention. The highly confidential nature of this training allows experimentation in style and approach. Paul Hussey  is there to facilitate and engage with the participants needs and support their development


Suggested Training Location

In Office Conference room


Business case for training

The individual has increasing exposure both inside and outside the company, and is expected to capture and extoll the company's vision, strategy and execution plans. This training gives the participant the opportunity to enhance the “soft-skills" and public persona attributes. Given that the executives audience is both customer leadership and internal senior decision makers, the training allows the Speaker to embody the message itself.


Training Emphasis

1. All 10 modules as part of training

2. Multiple workshop exercises & role-playing

3. Mentoring to create a proper Outline

4. Individualized videotaping with feedback

5. Final trained presentation re-filmed

6. Q&A roles-played and filmed

Preparation before Training

Participant to bring short ( 4 to 6 page ) "real-world" pitch or most recent business review that will used as basis for improvement


Format Optionality

This training can be condensed down to fit into one day however spread over two consecutive afternoons highly recommended

Cost per Participant

HK$20,000 per participant

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