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The cross-cultural nuances often destroy someone's credibility. He taught us how to have Gravitas - which trumps all cultural pitfalls. Now I understand why some people are respected wherever they go. I learnt so much, gained so much personally, in such a short time with this class.

Catherine Z, Human Resources Manager, China

When I was nominated to join this course, I was both excited but nervous, as I worried I would be out of my depth. Paul made us all at ease, and gave us all the attention to really achieve "breakthrough" performance. like he says he can. My confidence has shot up. I actually think I have real gravitas now when I make a presentation, especially in front of the top leaders in my company.

Yun Chung, Finance Director, Singapore

Despite my many years running a company and thinking my public speaking skills were bullet-proof, I was awoken to the fact that some simple observations improved my skills so much. I felt like I was talking to a fellow leader, in a warm, relaxed and confidential manner, and felt totally at ease. Superb session, I will be sending my executive team for this training.

Eddy H, C.E.O. Hong Kong

Paul's energy and positive "can-do" attitude was obvious from the beginning. I was astounded at the difference in my presentation skills after just 2 days - his guidance and mentoring was amazing.

Akiro H, Snr Vice President - Japan

It made all the difference that he was a C.E.O. himself. All his examples were clearly from the heart, and the solutions he taught me were so subtle but clever. Why did he not teach this class 10 years ago ?

Bob T, Managing Director - USA (working in Singapore)

I originally signed up a bit sceptical - I had been to many such trainings that promised a lot, yet was left disappointed. It was maddening, because so many, including myself, really could do with transformational training. I finally found someone who delivers on what is promised. This is not for the faint of heart - Paul engages right from the beginning, and his style demands such intensity. I was both ashamed of my first private videotaping, and yet astounded by the difference in the second version, after reviewing the rehearsal with Paul. It was addictive - we all wanted more. Brilliant process, and I can see how everyone can benefit from this.

John C, Sales Manager North Asia -

based in Hong Kong

It is always hard to value the benefits of such training. Most consultants produce a document, or a market study. This is different, it's about personal growth and confidence, which is very subjective. Having been recently promoted into a senior role, I felt I was lacking that smooth, calm authority, what Paul calls Gravitas. His training gave me such insight as to how small but critical changes can make such a difference to outward appearance. and the aura we give off to others.  I am now convinced as to what Gravitas means, and how it can be acquired. I will be returning for more such training, as one can never stop developing.

Yasmin K, In-house Counsel. Hong Kong

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