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Asia's first high-touch, intimate "Breakthrough" performance workshop training in Public Speaking and Presenting Excellence. Created, managed and led by a deeply experienced C.E.O., and the Founder of Gravitas Asia

What is Gravitas? It is having the aura of dignity, seriousness and authority. It is having a serious view that others want to hear about. It's about having Executive Presence. It is in all of us. Let me help you develop yours.

About Paul Hussey....

 The Founder and Managing Director of Gravitas Asia, Paul F. Hussey, has been a C.E.O. for the past 10 years, running two global enterprises. Based in Hong Kong and covering the Asia region, he personally leads and guides the programme.

Paul brings 10 years of presenting to Board of Directors, Investor Roadshows, annual company gatherings and TV interviews. He firmly believes that only an experienced leader can teach and mentor such Public Speaking Excellence. 

A certified Trainer, Paul believes that the typical Public Speaking training courses are lacking, and so created this  high-touch "Breakthrough performance" workshop.

If you feel that you or your colleagues could benefit,  Paul Hussey can formulate a customized training programme to meet your needs. 


Some examples of Workshops offered .....

For C.E.O. and "C Suite "

Just like professional golfers can benefit from a Clinic, Paul coaches senior executives in a discrete, safe and collegiate atmosphere.  Having lived this role for over a decade, he brings empathy and substance to provide subtle improvement techniques to leadership seeking to enhance their presence

For Directors and Functional Leaders

For those getting ready for promotion to more senior levels, functional excellence and expertise brings greater senior level exposure. For those who are expected to represent and negotiate with internal and external stakeholders, this workshop will facilitate the vital ingredient of communications

For Emerging Talent and Hi-Potentials

The next generation of leaders are being groomed, and with it comes greater senior management engagement. This workshop prepares such talent for how to exude the gravitas to justify the faith and confidence placed in them


A unique training methodology  ....

Paul personally guides his participants through to "breakthrough" performance improvements. By using a 1-to-1 private videotaping session with each participant, together the "before-and-after" performance is analysed and subtle improvement techniques agreed to before re-filming. This is the ultimate in " Corporate Makeover" training.

The workshop includes ..

- cultural nuances 

- the 8 techniques of Voice Control

- Structuring your Pitch

- designing the opening and closing

- how to answer and pre-empt questions

-Dealing with difficult audience members

 " One size does not fits all ".  There is a vast gulf in experience and self-confidence amongst individuals.  Hence, Paul Hussey designed and runs various workshops with customized emphasis and focus, to reflect the differing experience level. 


Every company and individual is different ..... so I am delighted to customize Public Speaking and Presentation Excellence training to your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to me, so we can discuss that in some detail and create a unique plan for you 

Feel free to contact me by phone

( +852 9189 5586 )

... or email me directly at

...or fill in the contact section  with the details of your needs, and I will get back to you promptly..........

Thanks! Message sent.

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