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Paul F. Hussey ......

Unlike most trainers, Paul brings 10 years of experience as C.E.O. to this executive training. This includes a vast number of Board of Director meetings, Investor Roadshows, as well as presenting to hundreds of employees at annual gatherings.

He has spent his entire career in global roles, living and working in multiple countries in Asia, Europe and the US. He brings his vast cross-cultural knowledge and experience to this training.


His training is infused with real life circumstances and experiences that illustrate for the participant, how to pre-empt, react to or manage such occasions. There is no greater example than that of a trainer who has been in the foxhole, and truly understands what is required to exude gravitas, even under extreme pressure.

During his C.E.O. tenure, Paul would take it upon himself to coach his direct reports and high-potentials, in the art of public speaking and presenting. This was especially relevant during Investor Roadshows, when the Management Team was viewed as a key asset of the transaction.

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Paul Hussey was CEO of Strix Limited for almost 7 years, a UK / Hong Kong global enterprise with 1000 employees, and a sales footprint in every continent. Subsequently, he was CEO of Harvard Technology Limited, a Internet of Things (IOT) software and hardware global enterprise based out of the UK. Both companies were Private Equity backed, hence he spent a significant amount of time presenting to Boards, Investors, Investor Roadshows, Banks, Company all-hands Town meetings, etc.

Paul speaks English, French, German and Japanese fluently, underpinning the depth of his experience in adapting to the cultural nuances that all executives must be aware of.

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