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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is this training different. What is special about it ?

Most Public Speaking training courses follow routine, lecture style training. Gravitas Asia only offers high-intensity, intimate workshops personally led by its founder Paul Hussey. Each participant has to be nominated to attend, and is personally coached by Paul, who brings his 10 years as C.E.O. to bear. It is highly interactive, involving role playing, simulated scenarios, and constant experimentation, in a safe, informal and fun environment.

2. What makes Paul Hussey's approach different ?

Paul Hussey brings to this training, his 10 years as C.E.O. of global companies, but based out of Asia. It is vastly different to train about Corporate realities, if the trainer does not have the crucial experience of having lived what he or she is talking about. It is a perfect example of "there are some things you cannot learn without having lived it yourself". Paul speaks 4 languages fluently, reflecting his deep knowledge and experience in multi-cultural organizations and countries. He personally creates the training, he personally delivers it, and personally assesses each participant. His high-energy, intense and passionate style is not easily forgotten by the participants, and sets a new standard for executive training.

3. Why is Public Speaking training so important, especially in Asia ?

It is a well-known statistic, that public speaking is the overwhelmingly single greatest fear that people have. Even the most experienced and confident speaker can feel nervous prior to engaging with a public audience, even among well-known colleagues. This training de-mystifies Public Speaking and Presenting, and enables Gravitas Asia's participants to embrace it and turn it into a positively differentiating trait.

In Asia, education emphasizes to a much lesser degree the western approach of individual debating skills and public speaking encouragement. Unfairly, deeply knowledgeable and experienced individuals can fail to gain all their well deserved credentials due of their lesser experience in public presenting. Despite the multitude of regional and cultural nuances within Asia, Public Speaking confidence and Gravitas are respected and admired by all. Such training can lower cultural differences and provide the basis for important strategy and objectives to be safely communicated and remove ambiguity, while boosting a sense of leadership and executive presence.

4. Why are the training workshops deliberately kept to small groups ?

Because the aim is to achieve breakthrough performance, and that is only possible in a highly charged, hands-on small group setting, where innovative learnings and engaged participants feed off each-others efforts. This is not possible in a large, lecture style approach, where there is little, if any individualized or customized training.

5. Can I realistically expect a significant improvement in my public speaking performance ?

Yes, that is the whole point of the Gravitas Asia approach. Paul Hussey starts each workshop with a warm-up session, that sets the expectation for the participants to adopt an open and eager attitude that allows experimenting with a new style and forbids unnecessary criticism that hinders talent gains. The testimonials speak for themselves; it is remarkable what everyone can achieve when given the right training, in the right individualized environment.

6. Why is videotaping the practice sessions so valuable ?

It is often an profoundly eye-opening experience when you watch yourself speaking and presenting in public. Too often we are unaware of the non verbal communication aura we give off, the unconscious body movements, the degree of voice control, and crucially the atmosphere we create as we answer questions. Nobody is impervious to this constant refresher requirement. By deconstructing the performance with Paul Hussey ( in a 1-to 1 discrete session, with no-one else present ), the participant can review and understand the approach, and agree with Paul as to what changes would be helpful. A subsequent videotaping, post analysis, always produces an extraordinary " before-and -after" contrast. It is the ultimate " Corporate Makeover" whose value can last a lifetime.

7. What exactly is Gravitas, anyway ?

Gravitas is a somewhat abstract concept, but in essence it means having presence, substance, sobriety and charisma. It's the crucial "hard-to-define, but obvious to everyone" aura that senior leaders often have. When they speak, everyone listens, and their voice and words carry authority, seriousness and substance. It is demonstrated in how you carry yourself, act, and show substance and character in all kinds of situations. In effect, it is an indispensable trait for a good leader. Interestingly, the Centre for Talent Innovation defines Executive Presence as being comprised of Communication style, Appearance and Gravitas. This course can help with all three aspects.

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