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Why Videotape ? What is the benefit ?

Seeing is Believing

Each Participant at the workshop receives individual videotaping of their practice public speaking session. The purpose is to allow the participant to be a " fly on the wall " of their own performance. Inevitably, we are all surprised how it really looks, as if we were the audience. It is a well proven method of reviewing the effort, allowing a closed, discrete opportunity to iron out issues or see first-hand where improvements can be made.


The " Before-and-After" version

After the mutually agreed upon remedies and areas for improvement, the participant is filmed at the end of the session, in front of his or her peers. It is highly probable that the improvement compared to the closed, private session will be stark. This can serve as visual proof of the significance of the training.

How it works

The participant is filmed in a closed, 1-to-1 session with Paul Hussey, presenting in a simulated environment. They both then play it back immediately and review it together, discuss the strengths and areas for improvement, including Voice Control, Non Verbal Communication cues, style of responding to Q&A, and ease of Transitions. This allows the replay to be slowed down, replayed multiple times, and receive  the full buy-in from the participant.


What happens to the content, after the training ?

The filmed training, both the private rehearsal and then the public version in front of peers, are treated with the strictest of confidence. They are provided at no cost to the participant, if so desired. Otherwise, they are immediately erased, and no copy is ever kept.

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