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Board of Directors Preparation

Prepares the executive team for Board preparation. Flawless hand-off training

Ideal # of Attendees



Profile of Attendee(s)

Typically C.E.O. / Managing Director, as well as C.F.O. and Head of Sales. Typically this troika are preparing for Board review, pitching to Non Executive Chairman and Investors / N.E.D.


Time Commitment

5 hours within 1 day ( preferably afternoon session ), with at least two hours dedicated to videotaping, mutually reviewing and agreeing on remedies and improvements


Ambience & Environment

This is an opportunity to create a "brothers-in-arms" esprit-de-corps amongst the troika who are the key executive functions within an organization. The atmosphere created is one of relaxed, " lets focus on getting our message across", bonding the efforts of the key individuals who hunker-down to prepare a united front of a message to the non-executive members of the Board. While ostensibly about the art of public speaking, the dual effect is to give the Executive Team the empowerment to act as one solid team, under the leadership of the C.E.O.


Suggested Training Location

In office Conference Room or Board meeting location


Business case for training

The executive team's life is all the easier, when the Board has clear confidence in both the team and the strategy being deployed. This training will synchronize and synthesize both the message as well as the presence in front of the Chairman, Investors and N.E.D. Installing confidence in the Leadership allows much greater quality of discussion at the Board level, fostering a collegiate atmosphere, avoiding confrontational or fractious meetings.


Training Emphasis

1. Pitch Outline Structure and supporting arguments

2. Deep dive of anticipated "push-back" and issues

3. Prepare responses and convincing counters

4. Transitions and " One Voice " messaging

5. Videotaping Pitch style, and joint solutions

6. Q&A preparation, and dealing with detractors

Preparation before Training

Team will use their Pitch underway, as the basis to work on during the training. Output should be an enhanced and energized presentation synthesizing the core message to the Board

Format Optionality

This training can be  spread over two consecutive afternoons if time permits

Cost per Participant

HK$10,000 per participant

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