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Senior Leadership Team; One Voice

Unify the Senior Team into One Voice, for a special purpose ( i.e.  M&A, Investor Roadshow, etc )

Ideal # of Attendees



Profile of Attendee(s)

Unified Senior Management Team, working on a specific project. The team is usually the C.E.O./ Managing Director and Direct Functional Reports of up to 6 people

Time Commitment

Total 6 hours of two consecutive afternoons (5 hours of group session, plus 1 hour on individualized video-taping plus confidential assessment and feedback)

Ambience & Environment

Created in a collegiate, positive and can-do team spirit, with the focus being on creating an " Unified, One Voice " theme, encouraging the Senior Team to prioritize the specific objective at hand. Ultimately, to create a seamless & woven pitch that blends each functional leaders unique style

Suggested Training Location

In Office Conference Room


Business case for training

This is a discrete opportunity directly related to a specific action that involves the entire senior team ( for example, a Joint Venture negotiation, a Private Equity Investor roadshow, an M&A opportunity, or introducing the regional business scope to a global C.E.O. )


Training Emphasis

1. Pitch Outline Structure and supporting arguments

2. Anticipate audiences needs and expectations

2. Deep dive of anticipated "push-back" and issues

4. Transitions focus, synthesizing material

5. Individual videotaping plus feedback

6. Team presentation, plus Q&A tactic training

Preparation before Training

Team will use their Pitch underway, as the basis to work on during the training. Output should be an enhanced and energized presentation synthesizing the entire team


Format Optionality

This training can be condensed down to fit into one day, however spread over two consecutive afternoons highly recommended


Cost per Participant

HK$10,000 per participant, capped at HK$50,000 for a larger team

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