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Outcomes and Deliverables from the Workshop

The take-home value of this training is not a binder of Powerpoint slides that ultimately is put into a drawer or acts as a book-end on a shelf. The true measure of success is being a more confident and charismatic presenter, whatever the occasion ( TV interview, annual corporate gathering, Board of Director presentation, Customer Pitch, etc ). Therefore, this training take-home value includes :

1. A revised and re-focused "real-world" presentation that is directly related to the participants role


2. Individualized video footage of their "before and after" performances, which they can review discretely and confidentially at their time and choosing


3. Practical tips and simple to remember steps to use, when faced with various real-world scenarios


4. The experience and guidance of how to handle Q&A and pointed comments, in a manner that enhances the credibility of the speaker

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